BBQ Chicken! James Harden Showing Each Blazer He Can't Be Guarded 1-on-1

James Harden was snapping ankles as the Rockets snapped the Blazers 13-game winning streak on Tuesday night. Besides the numerous ankles (checklist below), The Beard racked up 41 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 5 threes in his latest spectacular performance during his I'm-not-getting-robbed-of-MVP-this-season campaign.

After feasting on Blazers of all sizes, Dennis (used to be L now he's a XXL) Scott asked him what he's thinking when he sees a big man switch on him. Harden responded the trademark quote of Scott's former Magic teammate: "BBQ chicken!"

Harden also discussed his trademark step-back with the media after the game.

"This doesn't just happen." Said Harden, who was booed on many of his touches. "I am constantly working on it every day, every single day. I am trying to get better and improve. I'm still doing that.

"I just try to wait for the defender to make his move. When he gets to where I want him to be, then I take my shot. It's all about rhythm, timing."

Here's how many servings Harden had off the Portland BBQ chicken menu:

  • Lillard: 5
  • Nurkic: 3
  • Turner: 2
  • Harkless: 1
  • Aminu: 1
  • Davis: 1
  • McCollum: 0


Rockets killer Damian Lillard, who had his franchise-record of 52 games with a 3 end, also agreed Harden should be holding the MVP award after the season.

"They're the No. 1 team in the league for a reason. The find ways to win, they've got a lot of shooters out there. James is going to be the MVP of the league.