Bol Bol Near Triple Double W/Blocks vs Jserra & Joel Mensah

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Spencer Freedman Bol Bol

Last night Mater Dei took on JSerra Catholic in a Trinity league matchup. It happened to be JSerra’s Senior Night so, as you’ll notice in the beginning of the video, the crowd went nuts when one of the seniors hit an opening 3 point shot.

After the seniors left, the game really started. Jserra kept it pretty competitive up until the 4th quarter. Leading the way was JT Robinson and Joel Mensah. Robinson hit a few opening treys in the first quarter while Mensah was the most consistent scorer throughout the game with a game high 20 points.

On Mater Dei’s side, Bol Bol had a near triple-double with points, rebounds and blocks. He finished with a team high 18 points 8 rebounds and 8 blocks! Him and Mensah had a nice back and forth throughout the game. According to our own Ronnie Flores, Robinson  is a transfer from Santa Margarita High School who played this fall with Roosevelt High School, while Mensah is from Massachusetts via Ghana.

At the half the score was at 35-30 and after 3 it was 52-45 in favor of Mater Dei. At one point in the battle of the bigs, Bol and Mensah got into a little tussle and as they were walking back, Bol pointed up at the score LOL. Mater Dei went on to win 74-57.

Bol Bol actually did something similar the other night to St John Bosco – Video

Spencer Freedman finished with 14/3
Justin Sueing finished with – 13/2/4

Both of Mater Dei.