Cold As Balls: Skip Bayless Talks To Kevin Hart About LeBron, MJ & Kobe

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The "legend" Skip Bayless (and his surprising muscles) is the latest guest on Kevin Hart’s hilarious ‘Cold As Balls’ series on the Laugh Out Loud network.

A few highlights include Skip...

  • Blaming the 76ers playoff failure on this generation's Spike Lee.
  • Explaining why the GOAT of basketball being arguably the worst GM in sports is why the "not an athlete" argument against some journalists doesn't work.
  • Saying he runs at 2:30 in the morning because he goes to bed at 9 PM.
  • Talking about his "hatred" for LeBron, who "plays no defense anymore."
  • Ranking Kobe in "his top 10."
  • Averaging 1.4 on his high school basketball team.
  • Moving on from Kawhi.






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