ItsReal85: NBA Uncensored Trash Talk 2013 Playoffs Version


Inside the NBA might be done for the season but ItsReal85 is back with another hilarious episode of Uncensored Trash Talk.  You know the drill, if you are offended easily or too gullible to ever leave the custody of your parents then don't watch the video...and yes the video IS REAL.

  • Rookie Shaq breaking a rim
  • Dirk's booty dance
  • Mascot problems at the airport
  • Wade and his greasy lips
  • Mike Woodson teaching D
  • Paul George & Roy Hibbert interview
  • and of course...CHRIS BOSH

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[tab id=1]ITSREAL85 is a one-man band that makes the funniest lip syncing videos on Youtube.  His NSFW cult series NBA Uncensored Trash Talk has become a viral sensation for mocking players, Chris Bosh, mascots, Chris Bosh, rapper and Chris Bosh.

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YouTube: ItsReal85
Twitter: @ItsReal85
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More ItsReal85 Videos: On Ballislife



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