Jimmy Butler Motivation Workout Mix

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Jimmy Butler

Today's morning motivation mix comes from All-Star Jimmy Butler. If you don't know his inspirational story, which is being made into a movie, here's a quick summary: fatherless, kicked out of his home at the age of 13, homeless for years until he moves in with a family that already has seven kids, becomes a high school standout (not heavily recruited) to a college player (including Junior college) to NBA draft pick (end of 1st round) to NBA Most Improved Player to NBA All-Star to having shootouts with Michael Jordan and is now thought of as a potential missing piece to a NBA championship by a lot of teams.

Here's a few videos showcasing the work ethic that has made him into that piece.

And here's Butler performing a 50″ box jump after completing five sets of heavy squats and five sets of heavy cleans.

“He’s here at 5 a.m., and then he works on the court with his skills guy, and then he studies film." Says trainer Travelle Gaines."He works out all day to get into the best shape possible.”