Portland State player pulls a Caron Bulter, fakes handshake then steals and dunks at buzzer

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Caron Butler

Congrats Bryce White. You scored at the buzzer with a dunk! Too bad your team still lost by 12 points.

Here's how it went down, Portland State was on it's way to a 14 point loss to the Portland Pilots and Bryce White thought it was a good idea to fake a hand shake with the opposing player holding the ball, Alec Wintering (who scored a career-high 27 points), so he could steal it and score an easy 2 points.  His plan worked, the crowd started booing, he finished with 12 points instead of 10 and his team still lost but he got the biggest L.

In his defense (no pun intended), he was just playing until the final buzzer and lucky for him that dunk didn't cover a betting line.

As unprofessional as many of you might think this is, it even happens in the NBA. Remember Caron Butler doing this to Jonas last year?