The Best Moments From 'The Dunk King' EP1: Nobody Has A 59" Vert!

If you were still awake after Inside the NBA after GM1 of the Thunder and Warriors series, then you were treated to the first episode of TNT's 4-part reality show/$100k dunk contest called 'The Dunk King.'

The first episode featured some great dunks by YouTube sensations and pro dunkers like Jordan Kilganon, Justin Darlington, Werm, Young Hollywood and Guy Dupuy, who has a 59" vert. Wait...what!?

"This is what a 59" vertical looks like."

Sorry Kenny Smith and TNT, Dupuy might be one of the best dunkers of all-time but he does NOT have a 59" vert and neither does or did Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Spud Webb, Nate Robinson, Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon or any other basketball player you have seen in a NBA game or in a YouTube video.  Actually there's never even been a NBA player with a proven 50" vert, so if you think Dupuy has 13 inches on Jason Richardson or Gerald Green or 16 on Steve Francis then in the words of Dunk King judge Shaquille O'Neal, "stop it. just stop it!"