Ep. 114 - Brady & NFL Goats, HSBB Showcase Standouts + More!

On Episode 114 of the Ballislife In The Paint Show, co-hosts Ronnie Flores and Ani Umana go hard in the paint on NIKE Extravaganza and other showcase events. The fellas discuss top performers and who (if anyone) may become a big draw such as Mikey and Bronny. Ronnie and Ani also look at the Iverson Classic rosters, give their hot takes on the Super Bowl and break down Tom Brady's stance on the NFL Mt. Rushmore. Is he one of the GOAT athletes of all-time?

(0:00) - Intro

(0:56) - Tom Brady retires: 3 favorite moments

(7:02) - Ron & Ani’s NFL Mt. Rushmore

(11:51) - Is Brady a GOAT Athlete?

(20:10) - Why can’t people properly evaluate old NBA players?

(26:05) - Shop.Ballislife.com discount code

(26:55) - Hot Super Bowl takes

(43:20) - Iverson Classic Roster Breakdown

(49:16) - GEICO Nationals/NIBC hot takes

(50:38) - NBA All-Star reactions

(53:55) - Zion/Ja Morant draft remorse? Or will Zion bounce back?

(1:02:47) - Nike Extravaganza /Showcase standouts and breakdown
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