Ferrell Takes the Field with Mike O'Gorman

First Ballot doesn't just celebrate the greatest moments in sports--we also celebrate the greatest sports movies of all time! Here to decide whether WIll Ferrell's Baseball documentary "Ferrell Takes the Field" is First Ballot worthy is comedic actor, True Lies star, the latest Ted Lasso "villain" Mike O'Gorman. He breaks down the funniest parts of the film, his TikTok fame (8:55), and his best impressions (53:08).    Showtime Codes:
(4:53) Neil's jumbotron pact
(7:39) Mike's favorite actor to work with
(10:32) A Live Performance of the viral hit  "I'm a Building"
(17:30) Ted Lasso Easter eggs
(26:55) The best Will Ferrell Movies
(28:30) Behind the scenes of True Lies
(41:00) Mike's Artistic inspiration: The Oasis! 
(50:33) The best sports movie?
(53:08) Christian Bale* joins the pod
(55:30) The secret to good impressions
(1:01:50) Will Ferell getting cut by the A's

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