Freeway x 76ers Fan Cam with Cory Townes

When Freeway's What We Do played at a Sixers-Heat game in 2018, the fan cam displayed an incredible show of humanity from the audience. Here to discuss the impact of the moment is journalist, creative, DJ, and Philadelphia native Cory Townes, who also talks about meeting Jay-Z (42:00), songs that are potentially more Philadelphia than What We Do (46:45), and the cultural influence Philadelphia has on the world. 
Showtime Codes:
(13:15) All he needed was a jump shot and heart to be a legend (16:00) What makes Philly so special and unique  (20:00) Fan cams have the power to change the game and energy (27:58) Cory Townes breaks down the song.  (31:42) What We Do is the audio representation of a basketball game (40:00) The first time Cory heard his father's music (42:00) A great short Jay-Z Story  (43:40) Behind the scenes of Summertime  (51:00) Comparing the great hip hop x NBA moments (01:00:00) Life lessons from Freeway's song  (01:08:00) More important: water ice or slurpee     

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