Steph Curry’s First Lookaway with Kirk Lacob

Steph Curry's lookaway jumper might be the best nonverbal trash talk in the NBA. Kirk Lacob, EVP of Basketball Operations for the Golden State Warriors, discusses Steph's original lookaway jumper during Game 4 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs vs the Denver Nuggets, how Steph changed how we watch Basketball (33:28), and the highly coveted snack of the Golden State Warriors--chocolate chip cookies (49:30).
Showtime Codes:  (7:30) Kirk's Basketball playing career (12:48) The draft picks Kirk had a hand in (15:21) Bob Myers’ and Steve Kerr’s good looks (19:17) The best part of Steph Curry (20:00) Why this Steph Curry shot is forgettable (21:11) Steph Curry’s final level  (21:49) What happened before and after the lookaway (22:35) Why Steph Curry doesn’t need a heat check (25:54) Neil takes down Steph Curry (26:22) The universality of the Steph Curry experience (30:48) Neil brings up the 2020 lakers (32:27) The fleeting nature of the first lookaway (33:28) How Steph’s shot changes the way we watch basketball (37:35) Kirk’s thoughts on his father getting booed by Warriors fans at Chris Mullin's jersey retirement (49:30) Golden State Warriors Cookies (1:00:00) Neil brings up the 2020 Lakers AGAIN

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