The Carl Lewis National Anthem with Roy Wood Jr.

Carl Lewis the athlete is a national treasure. His rendition of the national anthem is not. Helping decide whether Carl Lewis' national anthem gets inducted is none other than The Daily Show's Roy Wood Jr., who also gives his take on home run chains (09:54), first pitches (17:03), and the most memorable national anthem performances (14:19).    Showtime Codes:  (08:38) The Ice Cube of Baseball (11:47) Roy on Rickey Henderson  (14:06) Surprise First Credential: Burning Questions!  (17:03) Roy Wood Jr.’s Botched First Pitch (19:50) Norm MacDonald’s First Pitch Idea (33:03) The New Jersey Nets’ New Jack City Moment (40:49) “The Roy Wood Jr curse” (22:39) Carl Lewis' National Anthem Performance (42:40)  Roy Wood Jr.'s quote of the night!  (43:30)  Comparing the Worst National Anthem Performance (52:30)  Roy’s Stirring Breakdown of the WKRP in Cincinnati Theme Song (54:50)  More Important - America's Favorite Podcast segment (56:15) Roy’s Shocking Favorite Beverage Answer (1:00:32)  Co-Sign (1:01:42)  Induction Speech 

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